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I'm a full stack software developer that loves building products and web applications that impact millions of lives.


For any sort help / enquiry, shoot a mail and I'll get back. I swear.

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I'm looking for a job currently, If you see me as a good fit, check my CV and I'd love to work for you.

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Hello there! My name is Jinyuan Liu and you can call me Jonathan as well! I use pronounce he/him. bunnyxt is my ID in the coding world!

At present, I'm a master's student at the University of Southern California, majoring in Computer Science, and will graduate in December 2022.

I have 3 periods of full stack working experience using TypeScript, React, Python, NodeJS, Vue, etc. Not only solid tech skills but also cooperation and communication skills are developed during these experiences.

Besides, as a big fan of web technologies, in the past 3 years, I initiated lots of side projects and familiar with the whole process of web development, from UI design, frontend implementation, backend architecture, cloud services, DevOps, etc.

Now, I'm actively looking for SDE roles starting from December 2022. If you are interested in me, feel free to contact me!

Tech Stack

JavaScriptTypeScriptReactAngularVueWebpackHTMLCSSSASSJavaSpring BootPythonFlaskGitAWSMySQLMongoDBGraphQL

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